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Historic Irish Images and Photo Research

Photographic Collection

Our extensive collection of 19th- and 20th-century Irish images is a grand place to find images to keep or publish. We can help find the images you need and create digital or physical prints for your use. Our copyright-free images include historic works by James Valentine, William Lawrence, Robert Welch, and other famous photographers of Ireland's past.

Historic Documents & Maps

Original documents sing. We keep and conserve archive-quality materials for historic and geneaological research, and have a small but intriguing set of Irish maps for research, publications, and sale.

Irish Art

We collect and research historic magazine and book engravings, and offer digital images of copyright-free materials. We also collect and deal in vintage and contemporary Irish art.

Digital Images

For publication or educational/private use, we can provide high-quality digital images. Contact us about your project.

EBay Store

We sell vintage postcards of all eras, cigarette cards, and other Irish ephemera in our eBay store, Montana-Gael, open 24/7 with shipping worldwide.

Contract Research

Looking for information and images, but don't know where to start? Contact us for contract research at an hourly rate, or to work with us on special projects.

What's missing from your views of Ireland?

Let us add you to our collectors list.

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