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Contract Research and Print Prices

Need us to do a little photo research or writing? Here are some sample rates.

Contract Research in Our Collections


per hour

Find and copy images related to specific subjects or history in our collection; geneaological research in photos and other sources.

Minimum 0.5 hour; will bid larger projects as necessary.




Physical & Digital Prints

High-quality prints 

from our collected images, 

to your size specifications

Per print, delivered via email or post (thumb drive).

Black and white or color reproductions.

Digital Prints 

$10 each i​mage via email; on thumb drive, additional $7

Photographic Prints 

for personal or scholarly use 


Peer Exhibits & Presentations

We loan artifacts from our collection for display to museums, educational organizations, and special projects. 

Per Contract Agreement.

Please contact us for more information.

Publication Rights 


Art Prints

by arrangement.

Please contact us.

Speaker's Bureau

We can speak on a wide array of photo history topics, and are available for podcasts and conferences. Please chat us up.

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