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Original Source Documents and Maps 

In addition to photo sources, we have a small brace of maps and original documents for imaging. 

Documents include rent receipts, letters, contracts, invoices. Please let us know what you seek.


Peter Van Den Kerre /William Humble, maps of Mounster and Connack (Munster and Connacht), 1627

Allain Manesson Mallets, Ancienne Isle d’Hibernie 1719

Select Gernet Terry road maps, 1777-1778:   

     Donegall, Sligo to L. Derry, 

     Charleville to Rathkeale; Nenagh to Portumna

Select Taylor & Skinner Maps of the Roads of Ireland, 1778:

     Dublin to Dungarvan and Youghal, 1778

     Maryborough to Tullamore, 1778

     Tipperary, Road to Dublin / to Limerick verso

Unknown Dublin Bay Harbour Navigation, circa 1780s

Mathew Carey, Jos. Scott, Wm Guthrie, A Map of Ireland: According to the best authorities 1796

Alexander Taylor,  A Map of Enniscorthy and Vinegar Hill 1798/1800

Peter Fannin,   A Plan of the Town of Wexford, 1800

Musgraves Map of part of the Counties of Carlow, Wexford, and Wicklow, 1800

Pillans/BrownlieMap of Ireland from the best Authorities, 1812

Alexander Findlay after W.W. Macpherson, Britannia Romana cum Hibernia 1818

Thomas Starling, Ireland Counties & Provinces 1832

R Campbell,  Ireland, 1834

W. Hughes/George Virtue,   Cork, with inset engraved view of Kinsale, 1850

J Bartholomew / Zell, IRELAND 1870

J&C Walker / Archibald Fullterton, Munster, 1880

Map of Killarney: Lower Lake, XXVI Vol. III, ca. 1890

Élisée Reclus Nouvelle Géographie Universelle / Perron, Lacs de Killarney, 1892

Francis Guy’s Tourists’ Map of Killarney 1901

The Century Atlas Map No. 79 - Ireland, 1902

J Bartholomew / Black's Guide to Ireland, Chart of the Lakes of Killarney and Surrounding Country, 1906

Robert Appleton, Ireland Ecclesiastical Provinces & Dioceses, 1910

Edward StanfordOrdnance Map: Killarney, undated, circa 1910

Ordnance SurveyOrdnance Survey Road Map of Drogheda, 1918

Irish Tourist Association, See Ireland First Tourist Map, circa 1930

EROAssociated British Railways of Ireland, 1934

J Bartholomew & Son Quarter Inch Map of Ireland: Cork and Killarney, 1940s

Learscailioct Eireann/Survey of Ireland Wicklow District Ordnance Survey Map, 1:63,360 1952


Bord FáilteMap of IRELAND Irland Irlande, 1965

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